Thursday, September 4, 2008


I couldn't stomach more than a few minutes of the Repub Convention last night. It traumatizes me to listen to angry, rigid people judge and mock their opponents simply as a power grab.

I grew up with these kinds of people. I know how they think and how they work. It takes a lot of mental work to maintain the dogmatic world they need to live in. They are taught as children to feel superior to anyone who does not share their beliefs. They are trained to denigrate other ways of thinking and believing and to deny that what they are doing is actually in direct opposition to the example of Jesus Christ. I mean honestly, would Jesus speak to the masses in a mocking and snide manner? Was the sermon on the mount a platform to attack and malign?

Taking someone like Sarah Palin and making her the "example" of good family values seems a form of idolatry, to use their own language or actually creaing a "cult" of celebrity to use McCain's. He compares Obama to Paris and Britney and turns around and selects the closest thing to a celebrity that he can find within the ranks of the RNC. How cynical is all that?

Man, I just don't know if I can take much more of this process. It disgusts and sickens me.

I can only imagine what her seventeen year old daughter must be feeling to live with someone who seems to have all the answers.

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