Sunday, September 7, 2008

James Dobson is not REALLY a psychologist

Calling himself a "christian" psychologist, James Dobson, long a foe of anything reasonable, recently decided that he could anoint Sarah Palin to run for Vice President with McCain. Although for many years, he has railed against women with children working outside the home, he'll make an exception in this case to support right wing zealot, Gov. Palin.

Although in this case, sticking with his core values might have actually made some sense, say for example, a woman with five children, one of whom recently got into some trouble and one of whom will need lots of attention and care, Rev. Dobson has decided that in this case, the greater good will be served by such an "outstanding" candidate.

This is the woman who was back at work, three days after giving birth to her youngest son during what most real psychologists consider one of the most important times of a child's life. Will her new son bond with her now?  If he doesn't, when will we notice the effects?  When he's 17?  Will that be ok with you Rev. Dobson if he doesn't?  

Which is it Dr. Dobson, a woman should stay home with the children or she shouldn't?  Can you say "double standard" Dr. Dobson?

Real psychologists use science as their basis for treatment.  Mr. Dobson is no psychologist.

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