Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin's Pain

I was musing today about Sarah Palin's stressors. How hard it must be to suddenly be thrust into the spotlight and have all your private business become a national obsession! Makes me wonder if she truly thought this whole thing through now that her life has become exposed. What does her decision to take on this whole thing say about her decision-making ability in general, what with a new baby, ethics troubles brewin', and grandparenthood only four months away!

What must a typical day be like for the Alaskan supermom?

Here's my imaginary agenda:

5 am- Wake up, check Blackberry

5:30- JAZZercise!

6 am- Clean the guns (and crowns)

6:30 am- Whip up breakfast for the kids

7 am- Teach kids about abstinence (dammit, why didn't I do this earlier??)

8am- Take the salmon out to thaw for dinner

8:30- Shower, do the "updo", dress for success!! Compare mirror with Tina Fey photo.

9am- Get sister's ex FIRED.

9:30- Study state capitals

10:30- Run Alaska

11am- Take questions from the media (except KATIE COURIC!!)

Noon- Lunch at Cracker Barrell

1 pm- Prepare for VP debate (watch Nora the Explorer)

2 pm- Pilates

3 pm- Run Alaska

3:30- Have driver pick up the kids

4 pm- Mani/Pedi

5 pm- Have nanny play with kids

6 pm- Start cookin'

7 pm- Family values time (watch Jon & Kate Plus 8!!!)

7:30- Watch FOX news to get caught up with the lower 48

8 pm- Get those kids to bed!! ALONE!!!


10 pm- Take down the hair

10:30pm- Thank God for another successful day!! I am SOOO ready to be President, er Vice President!!!

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