Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beautiful day in San Carlos

I was tempted to write something snarky today about Sarah Palin again.  Something about how now that she's off on a tangent about how it's the media's fault that she came out of the election looking so incompetent, you'd think that the new interview with a right wing filmmaker ( would actually counter that impression.  I never really understood how five to ten minutes of unedited video of her talking in circles and half truths was the media's fault.  It's like she's saying that they didn't show the hours of her speaking articulately and brilliantly.   To me, she comes across in exactly the same way on this "conservative" guy's interview as she did with Katy.  And it's pretty amusing that blasted across the interview is the web URL stating "How Obama Got Elected".

Anyway, what I really want to write about today is how beautiful today has been.  

It's in the mid 70's, sunny and clear.  So clear, we could see all the way across the bay to Fremont and beyond.

Brad and I just took Ella out for a long walk along our favorite ridge trail, just yards from our place.

I realized today that I spent too much time in 2008 stressed out.  My job change, the election, Prop 8, the economy- you name it, it was stressful.

I didn't spend enough time in the present.

Too much energy went into how things should be (or should've been), rather than how they are.

We saw two great movies this weekend, Gran Torino and Doubt, which made me think about 2009.

From Gran Torino, I take away the reminder that life is short and that human connection through community is important.  And that there is redemption for mistakes you make if you look for it.

From Doubt, I'm reminded that no one has a monopoly on the truth- including me.  We are as united in our doubts and confusion in life as we are by our certainty and absolutes.

I know they're just movies, and that now even if they didn't actually happen, they serve as powerful metaphors for how I live my life.  

I'm inspired right now to change my attitude a bit.  To let go of my distaste for Sarah Palin.  To try to be kinder to people in general.  To be happy with what I have now rather than what I want.

Maybe you'll see my cheeky side slip out again in a new posting now and then, but for today, I'm working on it.

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