Sunday, November 9, 2008

Palin 4 Prez 2012

It's finally sunk in.  The election is over, it was REAL and I was not just dreaming all this.

Obama doesn't disappoint as he is already ahead of the curve with his transition team and plans, much like he ran his superb campaign.

Honestly, think about it.  You can be assured that a candidate will govern like they run their campaign.  Obama showed discipline throughout all the negative attacks.  He showed grace under the most vile circumstances, and he never lost his focus on the prize.

Grumpy McCain however, showed exactly what kind of President he would have been- undisciplined, erratic, impulsive and self-serving.  I mean come on, Sarah Palin was the best he could find?  Let's be real, this woman is the worst of the worst- someone not very smart, who doesn't know she's not very smart but actually thinks she's got what it takes!

I have to pity her.  

She's the Dan Quayle of the 21st Century (sorry Dan- I actually think  you're smarter than Caribou Barbie).  The Kato Kaelin  to McCain's OJ Simpson.  The Vanna White to Pat Sajak.

And knowing the right wing fundies the way I do, they are LOATHE to admit they were wrong when they first hooted and hollered about her at the convention when no one knew her.

Well, boy, do we know her now.  She is ambitious, but not wise.  She's pretty but not poised and she doesn't know when to shut up.

You know, I could actually forgive someone who was gracious about their shortcomings.  If there was one hint of recognition that she was not ready or that she didn't have the capacity to be ready any time soon, I might be able to salvage some respect for her.  But she doesn't.

And just because McCain was able to deliver a speech that someone else wrote for his concession, that made him sound like the person we all thought he was, I'm not buying it.

It's like Joe Lieberman, the turncoat traitor to all Democrats, who suddenly wants to "work" with President-elect Obama.  Where were you three weeks ago Joe?

As far as I can see, Joe, John and Sarah share the same fatal flaw-  they love themselves more than they love their country.

Hey, I think it's a FANTASTIC idea to get Palin pumped up to run for President in 2012!!  I mean, first of all, she'll never be ready, because she doesn't have the intelligence necessary.  The intelligence of a Hilary Clinton or Olympia Snow for example.  

Maybe she could even pick Elizabeth Dole to run as her VP, now THAT's a ticket!

Between the "you betchas" and "you godless whores" from those two, you have to admit that it would be wildly entertaining.  Let's make Sarah the face of the new Republican Party!!! PLEASE!!!

I might even donate.  

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